HRT shortage update. HRT pro’s & con’s

Hi All, This is a quick update for those ladies who are on  Everol Patches and have had difficulty obtaining  their usual patches. I receive lots of messages from desperate women who have taken the decision to start HRT and for the first time in years feel good then only to find the rug being … Continue reading “HRT shortage update. HRT pro’s & con’s”

My New Year Resolutions? None.

No resolutions? Why?! Simply put—if I want to do something for me, then I do it. Please don’t let a specific date (or person/magazine/website) make you feel as though you should be doing anything! Wishing everyone a positive, healthy and happy start to the new roaring twenties, and if it doesn’t start well, there’ll ALWAYS … Continue reading “My New Year Resolutions? None.”

Jumping for Bone Health

Hello all! This is a blog to firstly ask for help and secondly to introduce a new feature! A colleague in my fitness professional network is looking to recruit participants for a study to measure how effective jumping is for bone health. As you know, having worked with vulnerable older ladies who are affected with … Continue reading “Jumping for Bone Health”

Lost your Mojo?

Let’s face it, we can all lose our exercise motivation mojo at some point, especially during menopause! Dipping hormones and cold winter nights can mean we have zero motivation to get out of our PJs, let alone the house! Even though I’m a health professional I can lose my mojo sometimes, but what I do … Continue reading “Lost your Mojo?”

Anxiety & Self Care During Menopause

Recently we signposted 2 important days; World Mental Health Day and World Menopause Day, so today I would like to focus on mental health and anxiety along with solutions. Podcast with Women In Sport To celebrate World Menopause Day, the charity Women in Sport invited Dr Heather Currie and I along to their first menopause … Continue reading “Anxiety & Self Care During Menopause”

6 simple steps for a positive menopause

6 Simple Steps for a Positive Menopause!     If you missed my event last week you might want to come along to this! Thanks to Jo & Ann from Positive Pause for this guest blog. To book tickets see link below! There are positive steps that women can take to make the most of … Continue reading “6 simple steps for a positive menopause”

How to adapt and overcome at work during menopause

Menopausal women are similar to marines! Adapt and overcome; it can be done! Ok, some of you may not feel like this now; If you are struggling, then hang in there. I was totally broken, so I completely understand how you are feeling. Some of you may have already overcome, if not then this is … Continue reading “How to adapt and overcome at work during menopause”


Hi, Last year I was gathering some stats for a presentation and so I posted a shout out to women on my social media; “if physical activity has helped you manage your menopasue symptom’s then let me know.” I was overwhelmed with the positive response. This, along with many messages from women that still feel … Continue reading “WE NEED YOU!”

Menopause event to launch new health initiative

Sorry it’s been a while—I’ve been busy training women to become volunteer walk leaders incorporating evidence-based exercise to help with bone, heart and mental health, and planning my one and only menopause event! Menopause Event I am hosting an event next Saturday 21st Sept, in The Dutch Hall London (a three-minute walk away from Bank … Continue reading “Menopause event to launch new health initiative”

Menopause Home Workout

I recently realised that I haven’t been to the gym in months! Yes, I’m very lucky to have my own studio which I’m in three days per week, so after or in between clients I do try to get in a workout; but is not always that easy so I do try and walk everywhere. … Continue reading “Menopause Home Workout”

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