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Menopause- latest research on HRT as featured in the Daily Telegraph

On Monday 25th August, The Daily Telegraph featured an article on HR which stated that taking HRT can triple the risk of breast cancer.
Yes Cancer is a risk of HRT along with stroke and heart disease. However research can sometimes be questionable, I have not read the research paper and will try and find it. However, did you know that a lot of research has been done on 60+ women that have been in the menopause for many years? Apparently the longer taking HRT is left after cessation of periods the higher the risk of side effects, a recent study shows.
Everyone is different, everyone has other risk factors to take into consideration, family history of cancer, smoking, alcohol and general poor lifestyle choices can be major contributors so this can change for each and every woman.
We each need to weigh up the pros and cons which in many cases will boil down to how dreadful the menopause symptoms are affecting your life. I have read about cases that because of some of the symptoms experienced the menopause has caused such a shift in mood and physical effects that it has had an extremely negative impact on life, relationships and careers. I am not saying that cancer is better than being divorced or unemployed but for some the symptoms are so dreadful that effects so many areas of life. For some women just being able to get out of bed to go to work is a real challenge. The anxiety, constant sleepless nights, depression, being in constant pain in muscles and joints can wear a woman down.
It is good that HRT isn’t being dished out so readily now by GP’s and we now have some alternative information and options on how to manage symptoms. I have known clients to have very bad side effects of HRT, they feel as if they are pregnant, with constant headaches and feeling sick!
For each women the journey is different, I am finding that no two journeys are the same, like pregnancy, no two pregnancy are the same. I have worked with women for over 20 years and could write many stories that very so much. It’s also a bit like a birth plan I have known many clients to have “plans” that are thrown out of the window when it actually happens as things are very likely to change.
I planned not to suffer during my menopause and not to let it affect my life. I planned to not take HRT, not to let the symptoms get the better of me but my word it is a struggle and some days I feel that it has got the better of me and I am not in control! However I have not succumbed to HRT, I hope that the symptoms do not become so bad that I may have to consider it. We are very lucky to have such research to help us on our health journey. It’s good to look at all of the information on offer to make an informed choice. So ladies, do your research, weigh up the pros and cons talk to your doctor so you are happy with the choices you go with. Quality of life is so important. Who knows what can happen tomorrow? Everyday can be a risk, that bus may just have our name on it!
“Jane Dowling is a clinical exercise instructor and personal trainer with 22 years of experience in the industry. She works with women of all ages and helps menopausal women through their journey with advice on diet and exercise. Email her on [email protected] other blogs can be found on and tips can be found on facebook and ladies if you would like to talk to other women Jane hosts a closed facebook group called meno and me “