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Sorry its been a while since my last blog, life and work have got in the way! But I have been thinking of you and I hope you are all OK?

This is a long blog, but thought you could pick it up when you can over the next four days!
Happy Easter!
Mobility video
I have included a video I posted on my Instagram TV – this is new for me but I am finding it great to show some really easy to follow videos that are easy and quick to upload – no editing and as you can see from this one – no filter! I do not make any excuses for my appearance as it was in the morning before my first cuppa!
I thought that you would benefit from these notes from my last menopause workshop. I have taken a few things out that were exclusive gifts and offers for the attendees.

My next workshop at ReCentre health in Balham London is on the 8th June.
I have another in Southfields London 8th June. More details on my next menopause blog.
I also have other events planned this year so do keep in touch! One big one in September!
Notes and video
The video is posted below and here are the notes I sent as a follow up; In the meantime have a great 4 days and hope, like me, you are going to scoff lots of chocolate and have some well deserved R&R.

Thank you………

“Thank you so much for attending the very first exercise and education workshop at Recentre Health. Although as we found we didn’t undertake too much exercise I do hope you found it beneficial!
As discussed here are a few links that I hope you find useful.
Mindful Aps:
As I said, meditation and mindfulness are really a personal thing, however just 10 minutes per day will really help with symptoms.
Also, as we talked about positive thinking it would be really beneficial to do some type of positive affirmations.
My “go to” are these morning ones, I rotate as I feel the need, as I said do surf YouTube until you find something for you/
Positive day starter
Positive affirmations (this is like marmite!)
I hope from the workshop, even though we were not massively active, that you will understand that movement will not only help with disease prevention but with mental health. Becoming breathless will help your heart and mind and resistance work will help your bones. But also doing both will help with joint pain along with carrying out mobility and stretching.
If you are still not sold, here is the link from the Amazing Dr Wendy Suzuki
Women In Sport Research
Here is the research from Women In Sport that I feel is a must read, they allowed me to share this at Meg Mathew’s menopause conference last year.
Reading recommendation’s for mind, body and gut.
As I highlighted that a decrease in Oestrogen will affect the brain so therefore along with exercise, mindfulness and eating well, we need to be “mindful” of how we think.
This time is called “The Change” and change we must especially if you are struggling with symptoms, such as racing mind, brain fog, anxiety and bad sleep. Do have a read of these to understand why being still and taking time out is important.
Remember our new mantra “nobody is going to look after you better than you.” Jane Dowling Febuary 2019
Ruby Wax “Frazzled.” – this book highlights how we need to be kinder to our mind’s and so try and “switch off” as much as possible. It’s a great understanding of this complex organ.
As is this great read!
Professor Steve Peters “The Chimp Paradox The Mind Management Programme.” I love this one, as I said that inner chimp keeps telling me to have that wine and chocolate – on the whole I ignore him!
Gut health
Again, that darned decrease in oestrogen affects our gut so we need to look after that too. I actually forgot to talk amount fermented foods! Dam my menopausal brain. I do not have any affiliation with these products or advocate them and would suggest if you are unsure then do see a registered herbalist or other holistic professional. However, I like the explanation on this site to gut health. https://maxliving.com/healthy-articles/gut-health-and-hormonal-imbalances
Sleep, anxiety and hot flushes
As I explained in the workshop all of the above will help with these symptoms and remember they will pass. Be kind to yourself, we are growing in number so please do not think that you are on your own. Here is my blog I was chatting about from a couple of years ago, I really did fear my bed but now look forward to wrapping myself in my duvet again!https://www.menoandme.com/single-post/2016/05/26/Why-I-feared-my-bed
Do sign up-to the site for my (mostly!) weekly updates.
As we discussed it is a totally personal choice. But if you would like any further reading here is Louise Newson’s site. https://www.menopausedoctor.co.uk/
If you do want HRT and you GP will not subscribe it quote the NICE guidelines and be bold!! You have to push with lots of GP’s!
The safest one is oestrogen – skin application in a patch or gel. Progesterone tablet at night; unless you have a merena coil as that pumps out oestrogen. Testosterone is great for mood, libido and concentration however tough to get from a regular GP, but I asked my GP to refer me to my menopause clinic and was prescribe some there and now my GP is compliant.
The combined patches or tablet will not allow you to up your oestrogen when you need. As I said I started on 75mg now on 200mg!
Other supplements
The natural alternative that I was talking about is https://www.femarelle.co.uk/ you know if you are one of the 60% that it works for within 1 month. What I did not tell you was it protects your bones but NOT your heart – so breathless you must become! Its good value
The other one is Lumity more expensive but helps my daughter with her PMT and periods. https://lumitylife.co.uk/
Bladder and Vagina
Remember those pelvic floor exercises ladies! And be mindful of any dryness and if you didn’t pick up a card here is the link to the book.
Jane Lewis “Me and my menopausal vagina” it is a must read for not only every woman but every man. Imagine if a man’s penis shrivelled up at 40 plus due to a condition!? Am sure we would know about it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/ME-MY-MENOPAUSAL-VAGINA-Vaginal/dp/1916446701/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?crid=1OVLPT8N1NXRH&keywords=my+menopausal+virgina&qid=1554918262&s=gateway&sprefix=my+meno%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-1-fkmrnull
Other bits!
Closed Facebook Group
We have a closed Facebook group – the girls are great; I dip in an out when I can, they are so supportive of each other.
I am also on Instagram and I try to be as open as possible, especially on my stories and Insta TV (don’t ask! My son-in-law guides me!) https://www.instagram.com/menoandme/?hl=en
Public speaking & Menopause at work
I also deliver presentations at conferences and in workplaces to help women and managers understand menopause. To date I have presented at Meg Mathews Menopause conference, The CPS, Devon & Cornwall Police, Northamptonshire Police, Dorset Police and have just been asked to talk at CBRE and more locally Nightingale Nursing home in Balham. Which has come full circle as I used to work there on the falls prevention programme 15 years ago!
1-2-1 sessions
I do offer 1-2-1 sessions in my studio in London Bridge www.fitnessforeverybody.co.uk or via SKYPE; usually these session are 30/60 minutes in the comfort of women’s home or a “one off action plan for 1 hour.”
I charge £70 per hour.
Meno brain – last word
I think that is everything, but as I said if I have forgotten something that I mentioned on Saturday please do not hesitate to shout!
And lastly – talk, talk and talk. I shared lots of stories with you and if I could turn back the clock, I would do things differently – firstly telling my husband what I was going through and my symptoms.
Now my daughter knows everything there is to know about menopause and so hopefully will the generation below us.
In the meantime here is a video of a really, I mean really simple routine that will help if you have painful joints during menopause.

Big hugs.