Fab Exercises

Muscle and Joint Pain?

Here are just a few simple Stretching exercises to help with joint pain. Subscribe to the site for more exercises and lifestyle tips to help with your menopause symptoms.

To relieve pain in the Lower back and hips

Hold this for as long a possible. With the hand that is on the straight leg, do not worry if you cannot reach to the ankle go as far as you can and do not worry if the other knee does not look as low as mine, we all have to start somewhere! Rotate the body around and if you feel it all over not just the lower back and hips, don’t worry its all good! Hold for at least 15 seconds, longer the better!

To relieve pain in the Knees, lower back and hips

What can I do about my painful knees? This is a simple one that you can do anywhere! keep the knee straight and lean as far forward as you can, you should feel this at the back of the knee and behind the thigh, keep the back straight and the chest high, again hold for as long as you can! again the minimum hold is 15 seconds

To relieve pain in the lower back and hips

Again if you cannot go as low as this, do not worry as long as you can feel the stretch under you legs and in the lower back, if you lower your chin to your chest then you will feel this all the way down the spine. Hold for as long as possible. Remember motion is lotion.!