Why these women exercise

I need to exercise to keep my plates spinning!

"Even though I am on HRT I need to exercise to keep all of my plates spinning! I have 2 teenage boys and own a publishing company with a team of 30. If I do not take time out for me to exercise it affects my mood, performance and my relationships. I love doing 30 minutes HIIT sessions 3 times per week with pumping music so I can "switch off" I put my trainers on and walk to meetings, it gives me space to think and smile."

Katie 50

If I do not exercise my anxiety and brain fog creeps back. I am on HRT.

I recently joined a local exercise class twice a week, which focuses on strengthening exercises using hand weights and Pilates based mat work. I started to feel less tired and achy and full of energy within the first couple of weeks of going. I’ve not been able to go for the past couple of weeks and I've really noticed that I don’t feel as well. I’m getting the odd joint pain, my energy levels have lowered and I feel more lethargic. My anxiety levels have risen too (but that could something to do with the school holidays!) and i’m not sleeping as well. I’m really looking forward to getting back to it next week!

Nikki 37 Meno due to hysterectomy

Being physical active helps so many of my menopause symptoms.

Exercise has been hugely important to me during my menopause - as much for the emotional and mental benefits as the physical. My main symptoms were increased anxiety, stress & sleepless nights. As a Mum flying solo with my sons & both my parents going through chemotherapy, I found myself struggling to cope. Today, I make sure that each day I do something for myself all of which bring me joy, peace of mind & renewed energy. I love running in the hills or on the beach, Plogging (picking up litter whilst jogging!), swimming & Aqua Jog, bodyboarding & paddle boarding. I am also a new convert to the joy of weightlifting as my Mum had osteoporosis.

Jo 50 something! Not on HRT

Menopause can be hard, but you have to keep smiling! Intermittently on HRT.

Jude has lots of joint problems that are not related to menopause so we are addressing those along side symptom management. I love her because of her positive attitude; she suffers with menopausal symptoms and has so many other physical problems to deal with, she is in lots of pain, which she manages through gentle exercise and a positive attitude to life she says... " Being menopausal it is important to stay active and " laugh! What I love about Jane is she is as bonkers as me and has had lot of challenges in life to deal with as well as her menopause, so we understand each other! She keeps everything in balance - she isn't a total food or exercise nun which I can relate to! Happy Menopause ladies!"

Jude 55

Recently married so want to keep feeling upbeat!

The biggest and most problematic symptom was the anxiety and feeling of complete dread and doom on waking up. The odd gym session just wasn't doing it. Every weekday morning for the past 6 weeks I’ve got up at 6:15 and I put my gym kit on and I walk for 20-30 minutes. I have the radio on in my headphones and to begin with I worked through my anxieties but I’ve found in the past couple of weeks that I’ve woken up without that feeling of dread. I’ve not had any hot flushes at night and I feel so much more like myself. Less alcohol and a low fat diet may also be having an impact but I definitely think that daily exercise in the fresh air has made the difference.

Clare 53