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World menopause day 5News Live

Today has been a bit of a funny day to be honest. Last night I was on Chanel 5 Live News presented by Sian Williams. It covered the menopause, on the show was the amazing Dr Louise Newson, women who are going through the change along with suffering husbands, including my husband, Greg.
When I launched Meno and Me last year, I wanted to and hope I have, helped women through menopause, by supporting them with advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.
It was a very positive programme and the reason I am writing this blog is to try and reach out to all of you who emailed, messaged me or signed up to the website last night that I have not been able to respond to yet.
I was up late last night trying to answer as many as I can.
A few weeks ago I had shoulder surgery and the recovery is taking its toll on my arm, therefore typing on a keyboard and phone is rather painful! I will respond, I promise.
Yesterday was a real struggle I had a few clients in the studio during the day but had to reschedule some as I knew I had to be at ITN last night and wow what pain I was in. I hope it didn’t come across.
As it is world menopause day I wanted to be upbeat and positive to all of you who are suffering during menopause as I did.
I want to bring a smile to those who are feeling sad, anxious, so tired you want to cry, so hot you want to plunge yourself in an ice bath and for someone to say it’s going to be OK.
Today I felt I had let you down a little.
After last night’s show I received so many messages in bulk from women who are suffering so badly and have been for so long, truthfully, I cried today.
This morning I felt flat and helpless.
However, I ranted on my Instagram live feed (do have a look if you want and have insta – it’s the little circle thing at the top – took me a while to find out what they were!)
I now feel better as my rant is over, I had a cuppa with my bestie and again I feel like my old self, so fear not I am back!
Yes, today is world menopause day but it has highlighted the fact that so many women are still suffering and we are just scratching the surface, yes we are starting to talk about it, WOOHOO ( I am being sarcastic ) but my on my what a long way we have to go before women can live a full and happy life without stigma or feeling isolated.
But, I want to bring a smile to your face, so, with his permission, I have attached this video of my hubby last night in make up at the ITN studios. Nothing mega but I hope It makes you smile.
It made me smile and we all need to embrace it when we can right?
Happy menopause day lovely friends.
Jane xx
Jane xx