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Bone Health

Because of the decrease in oestrogen during menopause we are higher risk of weak bones. Osteoporosis is a disease you cannot see, it is called the silent killer. You do not know you have it until you have a fall and fracture or break a bone.

Our major sites for osteoporosis are our hips wrist and spine. Here are a couple of exercises to get you started.  I upload weekly exercises to my blog and Instagram.

Impact work such as running and jumping will help load and strengthen the hips and lower spine. So make sure you target the upper back and wrist.

This is a great exercise for the lower spine and is totally safe if you do have osteoporosis.

Repeat these 12 times then start again and make sure you stretch afterwards.
Do these every other day and not on consecutive days.

Find out what else you should be doing to prevent osteoporosis.

Don’t have a band? Use a pair of tights

Seated back extension – start (scroll down for finish position)

Is this safe if I have osteoporosis? Yes, Because you are keeping you spine straight, which is why it is great to do on either a chair or swiss ball.

Hold your tummy in tight hold this for 6 seconds – don’t forget to breath!

Finish here then lean forward again and come back up and hold.
Keep your back and arms straight. You can do this even without a band, it is great for posture.
Shoulders back and down lower rib cage forward and smile!

Tricep Dips

Great for bingo wings too!

Bend and straighten the elbows and you should feel the back of your arms working. Fingers should be pointing towards your legs. Take your hands wider if it’s less pressure on your shoulders.