My New Year Resolutions? None.

No resolutions? Why?! Simply put—if I want to do something for me, then I do it. Please don’t let a specific date (or person/magazine/website) make you feel as though you should be doing anything! Wishing everyone a positive, healthy and happy start to the new roaring twenties, and if it doesn’t start well, there’ll ALWAYS … Continue reading “My New Year Resolutions? None.”

What exercise should you be doing during menopause?

    Menopause Event Find out about menopasue, symptoms, and solutions in more depth from a menopause GP specialist, I will be hosting an event in London on the 21st Sept. We will be joined by Dr Renée Hoenderkamp, BBC Radio London’s resident GP.   Thank you to our sponsors for the event and the … Continue reading “What exercise should you be doing during menopause?”

Beating the Belly Fat During Menopause

Ok, let’s talk straight here: yes, it’s harder keep the belly fat at bay during menopause and accelerating through the years—however, Meno’s, it CAN be done. Those of you who follow me on social media, especially on Insta stories, know that I am no saint in the food department! I do not exercise as much, … Continue reading “Beating the Belly Fat During Menopause”

Bone Health

Because of the decrease in oestrogen during menopause we are higher risk of weak bones. Osteoporosis is a disease you cannot see, it is called the silent killer. You do not know you have it until you have a fall and fracture or break a bone. Our major sites for osteoporosis are our hips wrist … Continue reading “Bone Health”

Heart Disease

We are at higher risk of heart disease when we hit menopause. Because of the decrease in oestrogen this can affect our heart. Now more than ever before you need to become breathless Meno’s! Walking Walking is cheap and easy! It will not only help with your physical health but you mental health too. See … Continue reading “Heart Disease”