Menopause event to launch new health initiative

Sorry it’s been a while—I’ve been busy training women to become volunteer walk leaders incorporating evidence-based exercise to help with bone, heart and mental health, and planning my one and only menopause event!

Menopause Event

I am hosting an event next Saturday 21st Sept, in The Dutch Hall London (a three-minute walk away from Bank Station) to launch this exciting and innovative programme. However, to make it more of an educational event for you, Dr Heather Currie will also be attending. Talking all things menopause, HRT, and to answer any menopause related questions, Dr Currie is ex-chair of the British Menopause Society and founder of —a website and print magazine specifically aimed at providing information and support for menopausal women.

Free Health Initiative

To remind you of my background—I am a clinical exercise practitioner and have been in an industry that I love for 25 years now. I have worked with a broad spectrum of clients, including cardiac patients and women suffering with osteoporosis. One of the programmes I worked on was the “Falls Prevention” programme for the NHS in Wandsworth Primary Care Trust. As part of that role I trained people to lead walks, eventually building an entire community of active over-sixties in the borough. I am also a blogger and continue to actively help women going through menopause through social media.

When I entered menopause, I was physically broken, so it hit me like a freight train. I had been hit by a car and had to recover from two shoulder operations so I was the most physically inactive I had ever been, probably in my whole life.

I had my first panic attack at 46 in my studio. It was frightening.

When I had slowly put myself back together, I promised I would help other women who felt totally broken, both physically and emotionally, because of menopause symptoms.

Fast forward a couple of years. The charity Women in Sport contact me about my work with menopausal women and ask if I will have a chat with them about their research.

They had just released a study (November 2017) that highlighted how women are affected both physically and emotionally during menopause. It also showed that women who undertake physical activity feel more “empowered and in control” of their menopause symptoms.

I receive so many messages from women on a daily basis who feel lost, isolated, and alone—which is just one of the reasons that I am launching this important programme.

I am honoured to say that Liz Pinz from Women in Sport is also coming along to the event next week and will be giving a talk about the charity’s research and further plans.

Health Initiative

I am training women who would like to be volunteers: those who want to help others. The programme is easy—the volunteers are leading walks, and if they feel comfortable, can also incorporate certain exercises to help with bone, heart, and mental health.

Prevention is better than cure—if women are active now, then it will support their health going forward. When entering menopause, we are at higher risk of heart disease and osteoporosis so many women suffer with added anxiety, which can be crippling.

I understand what it’s like to be broken, both physically and emotionally, and so I feel passionately about helping women through this time.

If you would like to be a leader, participant, or need more information then please email me on [email protected].

The Event

It’s going to be fun! We will be gently exercising to music—not a huge amount, but enough to smile!

We will be educated by Dr Heather Currie, who will also answer any questions you may have.

We have talks from some inspiring women.

We have some great goody bags and the chance to enter a raffle with amazing prizes: a necklace from Roland Mouret; dinner for four at a top London restaurant; beauty supplements; goodies from Lumity Life and more!

We have refreshments from Graze and Rejuce, but more importantly, we are going to meet other like-minded women.

Please do come along—it would be lovely to see you.

The proceeds will be going to Women In Sport

More information on prizes and the event:


Thank-you, I hope to see you there!

Jane x