Anxiety | Menopause | Painful Joints

How to find your fabulous

How to find your fabulous.
Everyday can be a challenge, especially during Menopause. Feeling low and suffering with anxiety can leave even the perkiest of individuals feeling de-motivated.
Over the last few years I have suffered with most of the wonderful symptoms of Menopause.
So, to make myself feel better I decided to do something simple to make myself smile and feel good.
I have always loved working out, but until I went on HRT my joints were so painful that I just couldn’t face going to the gym.
Walking became a big part of my life. I would make myself go over the common and take in the outside. Looking at the trees and breathing in some fresh, well not so fresh in London, air.
Research shows that working out outside is 20% better for your mood than working out inside.
Some days, after not really sleeping, you know the one, where you wake up at 3am and can’t get back to sleep; just putting one foot in front of the other is a struggle.
But I would force myself and doing so would actually make me feel better afterwards.
I am now so much better than I have been in years, but I try not to forget the small things that I used to do when thing were bad.
It is sunny now and I haven’t completed as much work as I should have, however rather than being down on myself I am off over the common for a run/walk then I will go into the gym to do my weights. As I kept putting off going because it is a lovely day, so rather than doing 30 minutes on the cross trainer, I will go outside to do my CV. I probably won’t burn as many calories, but I will feel so much happier and topped up with more vitamin D than if I had gone into the gym.
This picture of me was taken at Christmas; we were staying at a friend’s house who have a dance studio. So I put on my ballet shoes and pranced around pretending to be Darcy Bussell! Then afterwards just chilled in their amazing garden, where my husband took this photo. That made me smile. Being silly but moving is a great tonic, especially when doing it to music.
So either call a friend and walk together or plug yourself into some uplifting music and go for a walk or dance around your lounge!