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How to manage change…

Changing jobs, changing vacuum cleaners, changing cars, changing laptops, changing clothes, changing hormones…
Let’s face it, change can feel stressful. It’s the unfamiliarity of the new. But what exactly is the problem with change? It seems that humans just naturally don’t really like it!
Which is funny because no matter where we are in life; what age, sex, colour; change is inevitable.
How you manage it is up to you.
The choices you have made to roll with it, fight against it, appreciate it all give rise to who you are today and how you are feeling right now. We can resist it, which is the natural
conscious human approach. We also can choose to consciously embrace it, no more victim and a whole other ball game.
Fear of change is held in the body, often in the womb in women, but for each individual and situation it can be anywhere from the big toe to the right ear.
When you feel fear toward a change, look for where it is located in the body. Right now, give this a go. Name the fear and scan your body for where it sits. This space has been holding this energy for possibly a long time, it may even be the same place your mother and grandmother held fear.
How flexible and adaptable are you with change. On a level of 1 -10?
Are you ready to change a pattern in your life and lineage? Feel ready to bring more peace and acceptance into change?
Locate the place.Breathe love into this place.As you exhale, feel this spot relaxing.Again, inhale love into the space.Exhale and feel it relaxing and reconnecting happily with the rests of the body.Repeat 12 times.Empowerment and awakening in your harmonious power are occurring.
‘I am great with change. It always really works well for me!’
What if you knew that life is always working out for you somehow? Would you then be more at ease in accepting, welcoming and aligning gracefully with change!?
Often change is masked, we can’t quite clearly call it, ‘Change’ it’s more like an usual unknown phase where we may not know what is happening or coming. I call this being in the mystery. The mystery is a scared place in life. We do not know what is coming and if one does not recognise it, one can feel ill at ease, anxious, unsure, like something is off. However, it is just a period of change that is occurring. As much as there is outward obvious change like job change, there are numerous inner changes, chemical, biological, spiritual and otherwise that can be harder to define.
One thing I have learned is to recognise the mystery. When things feel a bit strange, I realise that deep within change is occurring, and all I have to do is take good care of myself. During these times I get on with my tasks and aim to eat, exercise and rest well as well as breathe. Meditation is a great gift for bringing us to peaceful place even when we are in the middle of commotion or unknowing but more on that in another blog! The good news is that by following this simple approach, the mystery always delivers us to a better place than where we entered it.
For now, be lovingly kind to yourself and enjoy these tips that I hope support you in some way through your current change.
Thank you Orla for those lovely words, Orla is an amazing healer based in London, Dublin and Monaco or via Skype for more information http://www.orlaphelan.com