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Menopause & Feeling low? Walking Netball could help!

Exercise to become breathless during menopause is really important.
Hello all, I hope this Friday finds you well.
Exercise during menopause is really important. I know that exercise helps with symptoms such as anxiety, sleep, hot flushes, weight management, heart health, mental health and general well-being.
To back this up next month Women in Sport are releasing a research paper proving this! Hurrah!
I urge you now to please embrace a more active lifestyle. It is so important for heart, bone and mental health. We are at higher risk of heart disease and osteoporosis when we enter menopause. I have worked with patients with both these diseases and I know if they could turn back the clock and do things differently they would.
Trying to fit an activity around a social aspect is really a good idea, as during menopause we can feel isolated and alone, so hooking up with a friend to go to a class or walk is brilliant as you can keep each other motivated when one is wanting to stay curled up on the sofa!
If you have never exercised before or dipped in and out throughout your life, I understand how difficult it can be to take that first step, so this might be perfect for you!
Or, if you loved netball at school and would like to revisit it then this is the programme to sign up to.
Netball England have just released a programme called “walking Netball” how fab!
The sessions are modified so you won’t be jumping but will get your heart rate up without even noticing, you will have fun and meet new people, perfect! It is run by a host, they are cheap, £3 and afterwards they promote everyone having a cuppa together.
You can find where your nearest game is here;
Read how one lady had such a positive experience she says “It made me feel alive again”.
Become a host
Netball England would like to roll out more games across the country so are looking to train up women to become hosts. If you are interested please email the contact below;
Course Summary:
The aim of this six-hour workshop is to provide people with the skills they need to be able to host a Walking Netball session. The workshop includes a mix of both theory and practical sessions.

Understand the game and ethos of Walking Netball
Be clear on the role of a Walking Netball host
Know how to create a great first experience
Provide ideas for fun and relevant practices that can be used in a Walking Netball session.
Ensure that the host is able to deliver safe, fun and inclusive sessions
please put a note to the link to the online booking form.
Happy netballing ladies!
Love Jane xx