Menopause – Meg Mathews talks to Red Magazine, but we need more!

At last we are hearing from celebrities about Menopause, Its great that the taboo is starting to slowly drop away. Even though us mere mortals (well me!) have been banging on for ages, people start to listen when celebs break the taboo! hurrah!
However I do feel that we do have a long time to go until it really is up there with other health transitions.
We still need to educate women my age and the younger generation on how best to enter the Menopause. I speak to so many women who didn’t have a clue when they hit “The change”…. I was one of them.
If can be a really frightening time, when changes are happening and you just don’t know why. Waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep, drenched in a pool of cold sweat is no fun! Also during this time feeling a lot more anxious and going into a very dark place, along with having sweats during the day is just horrible….depressing in itself.
I just thought these symptoms were because of sever stress; At the time I nearly lost my daughter due to a horrible illness and my dad was really ill, my business had nearly gone under and so thought it was just the affects of this. As stress can do all sorts of strange things to ones body!
Looking back and now working with Louise Newson The Menopause Doctor it is obvious that I was peri-menopausal.
I had been on the pill for many years and during my time of the month, I was just bleeding a tiny amount, I had dreadful Migraines and I would feel really ill along with dreadful hot flushes, night sweats and sever anxiety I just wanted to collapse in a heap under the duvet. I had never suffered with my periods and thought it was mix of being on the pill and stress.
Stress can bring on early menopause, well I felt it was early! Apparently being 46 really isn’t that early. If I had been aware, I would have sought out help earlier and asked for the right treatment.
So, yes lets talk about it more, lets educate women on what to expect during menopause and the lead up. The symptoms, how you feel and how to deal with them.
There is so much help out there, HRT is now safe for a majority of women. It is not longer feared and has no direct link to breast cancer; New NICE guidelines out line this. If you feel that you are not getting the right treatment then email me at [email protected] and I will send yo a letter that Louise has put together to take to your GP for them to look at the new guild-lines and to prescribe the right HRT for you.
Thank you Meg Mathews for sharing your journey.
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