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Not everything is “change related!”

Recently I have been under the hospital for various “lady” related things and have to go in for a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy within 3 weeks, I am not looking forward to it I can tell you!
Anyway, I am not worried and I am sure that it is just a hernia that the doctor found during the first examination however it is best to check.
When I was in the clinic, the nurse asked me if I was suffering with any other physical problems So I mentioned that every so often I suffer with painful joints and muscles. She suggested I take Red Clover, as the Menopause can cause these symptoms. O great I thought as my job is really physical and have been struggling a bit.
That same week I went to see my physio for my shoulder as I had a massive operation on it a couple of years ago which resulted me having a frozen shoulder so she makes sure that it is moving well, a bit of an MOT. She is the same age as me and I have known her for years.
She suggested I go for a blood test when I am experiencing this pain. As she said it could be related to an autoimmune problem and best to rule this out.
After lots of phone calls have managed to get an appointment to see my GP. Sally, my physio suggested that I have the test done when I am in flare up – ie when I am in pain, as it comes and goes there is no pattern.
My point is that even though the nurse was being very helpful and I appreciate the advice on the Red Clover. I however find at this time of life that everything is pointed and blamed on the Menopause. (Other conversations with my GP).
So ,if you do have any problems ladies, don’t just assume that it is “The Change” it could be something else.
I will carry on taking the Red Clover and this could nip it in the bud. However my lovely sister pointed out that my job and my age might have something to do with it!! Thanks sis!!
I am off to do my stretching just in case it is just age!! by now girls from the 49 year old PT!!
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