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Menopause freebies and offers!

World Menopause day 18th October so lets celebrate together.
Happy October all!
I hope you have embraced autumn and if you are suffering with hot flushes then remember to layer up with cotton or some sweat proof technology, there are lots of sweat proof clothing on the market now.
I usually live in sports wear, which is naturally sweat proof, this helps me when I have an attack, however my first day of wearing my autumn coat on the tube I had “normal” clothes on so had to wrestle off my coat in a packed tube while melting! So layer up ladies and good luck if you travel on the London Tube, I feel your pain!
On the 18th October it will be World Menopause day, this year I am going to a great conference run by Women In Sport, I am really looking forward to it.
I would like to celebrate with you by offering you some goodies and new information on menopause from guest bloggers throughout the month. I know some of you might be thinking “celebrate” is not the word you would right now.

It does helps if we can embrace or even just accept this changing time and the fact that our fantastic generation are embracing and kicking menopause in the bum, yes we have a long way to go as many women are still suffering in silence as a lot of health professionals still do not understand menopause or HRT.
I have suffered dreadfully with menopause and want to reassure you that you can feel better with the right management.
So keep tuned for;
Discounted sessions during October with me via Skype or at my studio at London Bridge. Find out morehere
More honest blogs from me on my menopause journey. My last blog “PS I cried lots” you can find here
Fab competitions for excellent menopause supplements
A top secret beauty product used by the stars
Featured guest bloggers
For our fantastic competitions please follow me on Instagram for more information. I also offer daily free advice.
How does Skype or sessions work?
Every women’s need for advice varies. Before the session I send out a symptom checker and health from and if appropriate for you a food diary to fill in, Sometimes making simple changes to diet can have a positive affect on menopause symptoms.
After assessing your lifestyle, activity levels diet and what symptoms you are suffering with I begin to work on your individual strategy and explore the opportunities to manage symptoms and to help you better understand what is happening to your body.
Some have one or two sessions to look at how we can manager your menopause and come up with an action plan and also make a list of questions to ask the right health professional.
Some of my ladies Skype or have a session with me once or twice per week, those who choose Skype can workout with me in the comfort of their own home. In my sessions, either Skype or studio, I offer individually tailored, evidence based exercise to target the various symptoms of menopause from anxiety, brain fog, painful joints, sleeplessness, fatigue but also looking at minimising the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. In these sessions we can talk about how you are feeling and how you are coping with weight loss, pain, menopause, and general work life balance.

For more Information you can email me [email protected]
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Remember ladies we are the Zara and Christian Louboutin generation not the twin set and pearl brigade!

You will be hearing from me soon!
Hugs Jane