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Winner of the Pelvic floor trainer!

We have a winner & a discount code!
Congratulations to Emmie the winner of the Elvie Pelvic floor Trainer!
Our competition has come to an end and I am really pleased so say we now have our winner for the Elvie Pelvic floor trainer!
I was asked by Elvie to try out their device and blog on my experience of using the trainer; it really does work!
Those of you who follow this blog and follow me on Instagram know that I have been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 25 years and very honest in my opinions and hopefully you value what I say.
As you know from my daily Instagram I do love to nag our team meno’s on what is the best type of exercise to do during menopause.
Our pelvic floor muscles are important to train just like any other muscle throughout every life stage, especially during menopause!
As our oestrogen levels dips so does our strength in all our muscles including our pelvic floor. We have different types of incontinence and this trainer helps with all, I love the easy to us Ap, it gives you gentle reminders which is great, so it is really like having your own personal trainer for your pelvic floors!
How did we find out winner? Well, very technical – we printed out all the names cut them up and put them in a box and Linda one of our team took out the winner!
If you would like to read my blog post on Pelvic floor exercises you can find it here. https://www.menoandme.com/single-post/2018/06/21/Wide-leg-squats-for-pelvic-floor-function
In the meantime, if you are interested in this great piece of kit then you can order one using a 20% offer code – just type in MENOME20 at the checkout. www.elvie.com
Fear not we have more competitions with great prizes lined up!
Jane xx
Jane Dowling is a clinical exercise specialist with extensive experience dealing with a variety of populations including older adults suffering with heart disease and osteoporosis which fuels her passion to educate younger women on how to take preventative measures. With over with over 20 years’ experience in personally tailored training and health solutions. Inspired by her own Meno experiences she founded MENO&ME a source of advice and ideas on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes designed to help women be fabulous through the meno and beyond! www.menoandme.com