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Banish bingo wings with this easy workout!

Disco Diva easy workout! A simple 15-minute disco workout to wake up those abs and to banish those bingo wings!
I hope you had a great weekend and you haven’t got that Sunday feeling – if you have why don’t you try out this easy workout? All you need is yourself, some music and 15 minutes!
Top tips before starting
The first section until number 7 is your warm up – do remember you should get the OK from you GP before taking part in any new exercise regime,
If you have eaten wait an hour before starting.
Wear comfy clothes – might be worth putting on a bra! No need for trainers and if your pelvic floors are not strong enough then grab a tenna lady if you are going to jump around! If you do have weak pelvic floor muscles then it would be worth reading thisblog when you have a mo.

Image 1 – press up

Images 2 and 3 banish bingo wings!

Open the timer up on your phone ready to for 1-minute intervals

DANCE AND MOVE! jog, march to the music for 5 minutes!
SHOULDER CIRCLES 10 one way 10 the other way
SIDE BENDS – feet hip distance apart and keep hips still take one hand down the side of the leg toward the knee keeping the body upright come up to standing rpt 20 times alternative sides so 10 each side. Try and keep your tummy in tight all the way through
.GENTLE SQUAT – not too low and if you have knee pain don’t go into the pain just to the point of pain x 20; feel free to hold onto the table or a chair, move the hips before the knees, try not to let the knees jut too far forward.

Turn up the music!

DISCO DANCE! Move around vigorously for 1 minute, or jog on the spot – if your pelvic floors are not strong enough; march on the spot or keep the dancing low impact; bring the hands above the head and enjoy the music!
POWERFUL PRESSES See first image; Wide press ups; Onto the floor on your knees with hand wider than shoulders. Keep your abs in tight and back straight bend and straighten your arms making sure your nose goes in front of your hands; no need to touch the floor. – just about and inch or 2 from the floor. Do 15 if you can
DISCO DANCE! (Rpt number 8.)

See next 2 images Back onto the floor this time sitting on yourbum. Hands under your shoulders with fingers pointing towards your bum. Bend and straighten the elbow; you should feel this behind your upper arms– rpt 15 times.

See image below. This is the beginning of your journey to fantastic abs and also a strong back! Back onto the floor on your elbows make sure you keep your tummy pulled in tight; put the timer on for 1 minute – don’t worry if you don’t make it to 1 minute, note down how long you did and add time each workout. If you start to feel it in your back it means your abs have had enough so just stop at this point.
DISCO DANCE AND REPEAT EXERCISES 9 until 13! so basically you are doing 2 sets of each exercise – this routine can be performed every other day.
Then finish off with a couple of easy stretches:
The great thing about stretching you can do it every day and will help with painful joints.

Door stretchsee image; elbows and forearms must touch the door – take one foot through the door and push hips and chest forward hold for 8 seconds then swap feet; push your chest forward so you feel it in your chest and front of shoulders (sorry about this continuity of photos! I thought I had one in my white T!)
Back of arm stretch put right hand on right shoulder and with the left hand push up the right elbow until you feel a stretch in the back of the right arm. Hold for 12 seconds rpt other side. Don’t worry if you can’t do this one crossed legged, you can perform it standing or seated on a chair ; also its is OK if you cannot lift the arm this high – we all have to start somewhere. This

will give you a general idea of what you should be doing.
The boring but important stuff; When we enter peri-menopause we are at higher risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Our wrists are one of our major sites of osteoporosis – which is called the silent killer.
This workout is not only great for your wrists but your heart and mental health – you will feel fantastic afterwards!
Useless fact
Did you know that tennis players have higher bone density in the dominate wrist?
Good job!! Lower body next week!
Any questions just shout!
Have a great week!