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Weight loss during menopause

Firstly 2 apologies!
1. For a 2nd newsletter this week; but had to share with you a programme that is going to be aired later “The secrets of slim people” 8.30pm on Channel 4.

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Menopause weight loss
As you are more than aware ladies, weight loss during menopause is difficult. Those of you who follow me on myInstastories know I fluctuate from 11 to 11.7 in a blink of an eye. I do exercise regularly but I also love my food!
I have been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years and the old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is true. But exercise is very important too!
However, let’s not forget that during menopause, we need to exercise for good hearth health, bone health and mental health. And the research released last year from Women in Sport highlights that during menopause “feeling good” is No 1 priority then looking good; I can totally relate to that as I felt horrible for so many years! https://www.womeninsport.org/research-and-advice/our-publications/menopause/
Now, weight loss is a different thing altogether. Yes, it is harder when to lose weight we age as our metabolism is slower and we loss muscle mass; so, weight training, along with looking at calories in, is key for losing weight as, if you have a healthier, toned muscles it will burn fat at rest.
But – it is also our relationship with food.
I remember a client saying to me a little while ago; I wish I was like you and all those “normal” people walking around that can easily keep on top of thier weight on not get fat. She had lost 4 stone and was doing so well but felt it was a struggle to maintain the weight loss.
I know her well, so laughed very loudly and said “OMG Jac – don’t be fooled everyone is so different in how they keep weight off most people struggle.” She was surprised and relieved. For some, it is in the mind, if you decide to be good and monitor what you eat that is half the battle; but I know from personal and professional experience that everyone varies on how they eat and their relationship with food. I reassured her that I, sometimes, walk around the supermarket talking to myself and saying over and over “stay away from the pizza and wine aisle”! Just because someone is slim, it doesn’t mean they have a healthy body or a healthy relationship with food.
Today I was working from home listening to BBC Radio London the Jo Good programme. Jo was interviewing Amanda Ursel who was talking about the programme, it is on tonight and found their discussion fascinating. As it highlights how everyone is so different with how their body reacts to food and people’s perception of how much they eat varies so much. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-truth-about-slim-people
I work with people over Skype and in my studio in London Bridge; when I have a client and weight loss is their goal, then one must really get to know that person, their routine, home life and also get to know what their relationship with food is like. Then I can come up with not only a manageable but realistic programme for that person.
The secret is weight training, cardio, eat less and move more. I know I can see your eyes rolling from here!
There have been so many programmes on TV about food and weight loss, that I just can’t bring myself to watch. But I feel or hope, that this programme will give a real insight into how people stay slim. Plus, I have meet Amanda Ursel and value her opinion.
I look forward to your comments!