Carol Vorderman talking to a frog in the middle of the night! I understand!

This time around I am totally gripped by “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! “ Why? You ask…It was brought to our attention before this series that Countdown Carol has suffered with the Menopause, she suffered with depression and using Oestrogen patches. I wondered how on earth I would cope with being in the jungle, my night time routine being broken, sharing my sleeping area with strangers, without my phone to listen to my mindfulness app if I wake at 3am and that’s without being in a different time zone!
So during the 2nd night, there is Carol awake in the middle of the night, chatting quietly to a frog! One of the other camp mates in the morning goes into the hut to talk to the camera (us) and is perplexed by this!
I, on the other hand thought it totally natural. Women who are in, or have experienced the change will know exactly what I am talking about! As waking in the middle of the night is a common occurrence, sometimes with night sweats, sometimes without and falling back to sleep can be impossible. I have found over the last few years the best thing is not to stress about it, which is probably why she is talking to a frog….love it!
She could have moaned at the cameras to say how she is finding it difficult to sleep, but no, instead she is keeping calm and talking to nature.
On the first night she was the first celebrity to walk out on an extremely high steel girder, of course she had a safety harness on, nerves of steel she did it!
This just proves that years ago, in villages, if women survived to our ripe old age of 40 + that they were deemed as goddesses’ and elders. I have a feeling that this may happen in this camp too!
So please lets embrace our other Meno ladies and stop this ridiculous label that we are finished. No ladies (and gents take note) we are amazing. So lets brush off the taboo, talk about it and educate the soon to be Menos, daughters, nieces and surrounding family. Every women’s journey is different some suffer more than others, similar to periods and pregnancy no 2 experiences are the same but we talk about that dont we?
Go Carol!