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If you do not change what you do – nothing will change. I am taking up Yoga to help me through the Menopause!

That old saying “If you don’t change what you do then nothing will change”. Well it is so true. I have started using CBT regarding my hot flushes and that has worked enormously, so I thought ok let’s really embrace a calmer approach to life.
For the last year or so, my knees and hips have been a real problem, really stiff and painful. Apparently stiff and painful muscles and joints can be symptom of Menopause.
But surely this is a symptom of ageing? If I think back to what I have put my poor body through, years of gymnastics, teaching aerobics, body pump, LBT, Aqua, running with clients etc and that is without training for joy then of course my body will be complaining. I have also been hit by a car twice and had major surgery on my shoulder so I do have a lot to deal with pain wise. But I wonder if women who haven’t put their body through what I have would be in the same amount of pain through the decrease in collagen from a dip in Oestrogen…?
Last week I had my first one on one yoga session. Having taught exercise for over 20 years I do find it difficult not to be in control! I was looking forward to the session as Corina came highly recommended.
She was surprised on how flexible I was in some poses. However, some poses I struggled with and found rather difficult. Bless her; she was very patient with me. I sweated and puffed and by the end of the session felt that I had worked. I really enjoyed it and there was only a few times where I tried to take over the session!
The next day I felt it, in my back mainly. I am very competitive so did I push myself a little too hard. This is no fault on the teacher’s part totally mine. This is a lesson learnt as I am very competitive physically and really tried hard not to be so pathetic (in my eyes). She had to adapt a lot of what we did as I would say “Ah sorry my wrist can’t hold that” or “nope my left knee cannot go that low” or just collapse in a heap!
Since then I have practised 3 times on my own as I don’t want to feel so old in our next session!
However setting new goals is great in any fitness regime. So I am thankful that my stiffness has pushed me into doing something completely out of my comfort zone, as when training on my own I do everything that I am great at!
So note to oneself ….do not try and out do a Yoga teacher who has been practising since she was 3 and is 20 years younger than you!!
I will keep you posted on how I progress on the stiffness and pain………..watch this space!