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Exercise keeps us young!

We all strive to be the very best version of ourselves we can and know that beauty comes from within, but during this time of life struggling with menopause symptoms as well as ageing; it can be tough.
I know if I am not on my A game with exercise and eating well not only does my mind and body suffer it shows in my face, skin and body.

When I exercise, I feel energised and the bags under my eyes disappear, my skin looks better along with my muscle tone and how I hold myself.
Exercising helps promote sleep; The body repairs itself when we sleep.
However sleep can be a problem during menopause and I understand it is hard if you are suffering with night sweats and waking up at in the middle of the night, I have been there and glad that part of my menopause has passed. If you are having problems, then you might want to read my blog from “Why I feared my bed”.
Moving and challenging your body will have amazing benefits not only physically but mentally. If you follow me on Instagramyou will see my daily stories about how I move on a daily basis – it isn’t just about going to the gym; It’s just about moving and becoming breathless on a daily basis and I try and demonstrate this. I also talk about how I am feeling and coping with life and menopause which is always linked back to how much I move, what I eat and if I am practising mindfulness or meditation; I am human and sometimes my health professional hat falls off!
I have been active most of my life; From being a gymnast when I was younger to teaching aerobics for a long time at the beginning of my career. The worst time of my life was when I entered menopause, at the same time, I was also recovering from a car accident and life changing shoulder surgery.
I was very inactive; not only did I feel horrible I looked dreadful!
My body felt old, I felt and looked tired all the time and I could not see the positives in life and really thought I was finished.
I rehabbed my injuries and slowly became active over time; I am happy to say (touch wood) that if I am careful, I can pretty much do most activities.

My point I am trying to make is that exercise keeps us young!
I have know this for a long time that it really does!
So, I was really happy to come across this article and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as me!
Happy Saturday all and keep on moving!