Fab Exercises

Hot Flushes

Colours, fabrics & Fit

If you exercise it is proven that it helps with hot flushes, so lets talk about what to wear. For years I wore tight Lycra for my job and even running around London to different health clubs and clients in the heat did not phase me. Fast forward to having my own studio then on a few years more to when my hot flushes started to hit hard. I swapped my tight Lycra to looser cotton t shirts, I started wearing light layers (to take off when flushing) and opted for lighter colours the sweat does not show up when you are sweating compared to darker clothes.

Anxiety can bring on Flushes

Stress brings on hot flushes. Yes it does. So Planning for me is key. No one is going to look after you better than you. Plan your day, re-jig any meetings. Look at your diary and see if you can get help with anything, from organising, picking up children, shopping or even just staying away from that person that could stress you out as stress will bring will bring on a hot flush!

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Calm you adrenal glands

When you are feeling a flush coming on try and sit quiet, it that is not possible just phase out and still do this breathing technique.

Close your eyes, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, do this slowly and count each breath until you get to 10.

Do not worry if you go over and find you are at 15 or even 30, just start again and don’t give yourself a hard time. If your mind wanders its ok, just come back to your breath. Try and concentrate on your breath. Keeping calm will help.