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How to cope with menopause and Christmas!

How can we keep our menopausal body and minds safe during this crazy season?

Hello all! I have been chatting with my meno clients and friends and thought it would be good to look at how we can stay fabulous and sane during this festive season!
On Tuesday night I had my first Christmas dinner; the last 10 days have been rather challenging physically and emotionally, so I felt I could let my hair down.
Did I regret it the next day?!
For a couple of hours yes. Check out my Instastories from last night! https://www.instagram.com/stories/menoandme/?hl=en
We went to the Iconic Joe Allen’s in Covent Garden https://www.joeallen.co.uk/?utm_source=GMB%20website%20click What a treat!
I looked at the menu beforehand and decided I was going for it; Mac and 5 cheeses, OMG it was heavenly mac and cheese is my all-time favourite, I never make it at home and is a real treat!
That day I made time for a 45 minute workout. I had a juice for breakfast and salmon with beetroot salad for lunch; low carb and full of goodness.
Am I normally this “strict” with eating out no, but this time of year it’s needed.
Did you know that the average person puts on 5 pounds over the Christmas period? January is depressing enough so if you can be vigilant now, not only will you have the energy to enjoy this time of year but enter 2019 feeling positive and fit.

So, unless you are going to be a total Grinch or fly off to a dessert Island then let’s look at ways to keep your menopausal body and mind in check.
Let’s just have a little reminder about alcohol and how it can affect our menopausal body and minds.
Not only will it deplete our vitamins stores and pile on the pounds, it can trigger hot flushes, disrupts sleep and definitely triggers anxiety.

First, lets accept that there might, just might, be some mornings when we wake up wishing that we did not have that extra glass or pudding!
The secret is in planning – Hangovers can be just as dangerous for taking on more calories as nights out.

If waking with regrets, do not beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day you don’t have to wait until January to make a fresh start.Do not wake up with a sore head and empty fridge! Plan your breakfasts, if you do happen to have a hangover then it’s a rocky road to have a bacon sarnie rather than porridge, juice, or eggs and avocado.

Make sure if you are just going out for drinks; eat beforehand.If you are going out for diner – look at the menu online and pick what you are going to have. Then you can plan what you eat the rest of the day and be good! Avoid coffee; when you are tired and hungover the coffee may not give you that boost you are looking for but could set off your anxiety and trigger hot flushes. Take on board lots of antioxidants, this time of year I try and up my juice intake not only to cut back on calories but make sure my immune system is supported; you don’t want to be ill on the 25th!If you suffer with painful joints and muscles perhaps avoiding sugar when you can as it can trigger inflammation in the muscles and joints. I know if I have too much my back and hips really hurt.
Exercise will help with a hangover; How do I know? I have trained hundreds of people with hangovers in my 25 years as a trainer and perhaps from a little personal experience too! The hangover season has already kicked in at my studiowww.fitnessforeverybody.co.uk
Our energy levels can be low enough during menopause, but I promise if you become more active you will find new energy as need it right now!
You will burn calories and lift your mood, help with sleep and minimise the “beer fear” don’t let anxiety run away with you. (check out my instastories from last night.)
Schedule in a workout; put it in the diary, just like your nights out.Workout together; why meet a friend over mulled wine and a mince pie?

Plan a walk with a friend the day after a night out; it will get rid of your anxiety and blow away the cobwebs.Swimming is great for getting rid of brain fog from the night before; aqua classes are great fun too. If you are not a strong swimmer walking up and down in the pool is a great calorie burner and will wash away the naughtiness from last night.

If you cannot schedule in a workout then pack your trainers in your rucksack and walk everywhere there are some great funky ones around. https://www.asos.com/vans/vans-leopard-print-realm-classic-backpack/prd/10878464?clr=leopard&SearchQuery=backpacks&gridcolumn=1&gridrow=6&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=642

30 minutes HIIT workouts are great! This is the workout of choice at the moment with my clients as its so time efficient.Yoga and meditation can help with your anxiety and sleep and give you some precious “me time.”

Don’t have time to any of the above? Then please make sure you do some simple mobility and stretches – have a look at my short video below great for loosening up and helping with pain. More can be found on my Instagram page.

I hope this helps Meno’s do feel free to share this blog post with a friend and remember to have a great time!

Before I sign off just 1 last tip.
When you go out put a glass of water in your more dominant hand and your wine in the other. We mirror people so when your friend takes a sip you will take a sip from your water not booze!
On that note I will say by for now and I will check in soon!

More videos can be found onhttps://www.instagram.com/p/Bq-T6rKlUSc/
Pease share this blog if it helped you!