Relationships at Christmas!

Relationships at Christmas – with yourself and others – being upside down does help!
Today I ran a poll on my Instastories “are you loving this time of year or not?” the results were 60% not so much.
If you do follow me on Instastories you will have seen this last few weeks have been rather challenging.
I was helping a friend finish some renovations and then move into new house; A few days turned into 8/9 days.
This took me away from work longer than anticipated which stressed me out. But more importantly my routine of eating well, sleeping, exercising and meditating; when I say meditating for me just being still on my sofa in PJ’s watching Goggle box can do the trick!
When I returned to work and London, I realised that OMG it’s here!
The Christmas madness had begun – which added to my anxiety!
If you read my last blog – I offered some top tips on how to cope during the festive season and found that I needed to look at the check list yesterday myself!
After arriving back to London I started to feel the anxiety creep in, yesterday was the turning point.
I went out for lunch and just could not face the London Tube so decided to drive, also that way I would be safe from booze!
I was close to the restaurant and drove down a street, which had changed to a dead end from my last visit, Deep joy, this small narrow street had lots of cars in it, so I had complete a 10 point turn to get back onto the main road.
I did consider leaving the car, but I had heels on. I was around 10 minutes late because of this little set back; cue a hot flush. I have not had one for months.
I was relived to find the NCP at the Barbican close to the restaurant– great, its quiet with lots of spaces. I started to calm down.
But then how do I get out of said car park? The lifts were really confusing, I needed to get to ground level but in the lift there was no button for ground only different levels for the exhibition halls which was closed. Another hot flush.
I decided to go back to my car and track my steps back and walk the way I have driven in; at least I cooled down as I took my coat off in the chilly car park!
I was now 20 minutes late.
I hate being late as it sets off my anxiety therefore hot flushes.
My friend is fab, chilled and lovely. So, within 10 minutes I am calm and have a great lunch and catch up.
Driving home – I could feel the Christmas madness in the air and took me longer than usual because of volume of traffic. All I wanted to do is to get home and pull off my spanks, which I have not worn for ages, but felt the need as I had put on 4 pounds over the 8 days of not eating or exercising in the West Country – not what one needs before Christmas.
Later that afternoon Greg asked, “how much do you love me and how much do you not like me at the moment?”
I realised that I have not felt like this in a very long time. I explained that honestly, I do love him and that this will pass and highlighted how difficult that last few weeks had been. He was relived.
I had felt like this for a long time before I took control of my menopause as I just didn’t realise how the menopause was affecting me. After taking control and managing my symptoms Greg said he felt as if he was always doing something wrong.
So, I went out for a walk, did some stretching and my Viparita Karani/ Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose along with some deep breathing and had a juice for diner and a juice for breakfast today.
I feel nearly normal.
These last few weeks I have just pushed forward not taking time out and not looking after myself, which I was aware of but didn’t think it would affect me as much as I have not felt this bad for a few years. O dear menopause how you can suck!
I have shaved down some of my social engagements and made some space in my diary and it feels good to do so, as Christmas can be a tough time and throw us some curve balls especially when suffering with menopause symptoms.
So, my advice to you ladies is read my other blog “how to cope with menopause and Christmas” don’t give yourself a hard time, take time out for you otherwise things will spiral out of control and not only will you suffer but also loved ones around you. It’s good to talk and don’t feel selfish for taking time out for you; it’s in everyone’s interest!
Ok – this is not the pose I am suggesting you do but being upside down is great for grounding you, calming your adrenals and nervous system.
On that note I am going to decorate my Christmas tree that has been sitting on its side for a while looking sad!
Hugs xx