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International Women’s Day

Hello all, how are you? I hope you are all well and that you have survived the snow and then the thaw! I have had no water in my flat since Saturday night because of burst pipes! However, I am warm, I have food and have a comfy bed so I am blessed, there are many worse off than myself!
Tomorrow is International Women’s day and I really would love us to be able to use tomorrow as a platform to help break the taboo of menopause.
This newsletter is actually me asking you for a little favour, well perhaps 2 if you are on social media!
Could you please?
Talk to someone about menopause – someone who you work with, your child, husband or someone in a shop, anyone!Go onto social media and post something about menopause with 3 hashtags. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn #PressForProgress #IWD2018 #menopause
We need to break the taboo and stigma of menopause, we need all of our small voices to become one loud roar!
On my social media feeds, I post 3 times per day. I share my knowledge with my followers on what things can be done to make sure their journey through menopause is as smooth as possible. I do this, hopefully, in a fun, upbeat way.

Recently I have delivered workshops within workplace environments. At the end of these events women have come up to me and have cried, thanking me for coming to talk, as they have felt isolated and alone and they are so relieved to find out that how they are feeling is down to the menopause. It is a double edge sword, heart-breaking because they have suffered in silence but a relief that they will be able to finally take steps to make positive changes.
Some days I feel a little sad, as I receive so many messages from women who are suffering. They think they are going mad and that their life is finished. Then I receive messages thanking me for my posts as it has helped them to understand their symptoms and start to make changes or seek the correct medical advice. This lifts my mood and spurs me on to plan my next nag on social media either on exercise, food or selfcare.
So all, thank you to those who have messaged me and I am thanking you all in advance to do either the 1 or 2 favours above!!
Big hugs and Happy International Women’s Day. Jane xx

PS I thought I would add this photo of Helen Mirren on the red carpet at the Oscars having a shot of Tequila before her entrance just to bring a smile to your face! Isn’t she just awesome!?