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Menopause badge?

What do you think of Andrea McLean’s idea of menopause badges?
Before going on HRT I was offered a seat on the tube; I was totally shocked and really upset that a young women and a young man on different occasions thought that I looked as if I needed a seat! I did actually try and persuade myself that perhaps the girl thought I might be pregnant as I holding my coat in front of me rather than wearing it – hot flushes on tube trains are not a great mix! Rather that than old and tired!!
Rewind nearly 3 years when this happened, which was before I started to manage my menopause I did look pretty rough! I just thought that it was life and I was destined to feel this rubbish for ever more! So between you I, when it happened a 3rd time I actually thanked the young gentleman and sat down and appreciated his kind gesture!
I am sure a lot of you will be disgusted at the idea of being identified by a badge and letting everyone know that you are menopausal, however, everyone has a choice right?
You do not need to wear the badge, but if you are having a rough day and if you get a seat on the tube or bus and someone is nicer to you then perhaps that can be taken as a positive? However my initial thought was shock horror! I would not want people to pity me or to know that I could cry at any moment or potentially have a dry vagina!
If you are on twitter I suggest you have a scroll down at some of the comments today as a lot of are very anti badge, I wonder how Andrea is feeling today after this press release I am sure her intentions came from a good place.
Whatever your opinion is – I do think that is great that the conversation is happening.
I would be great to know your thoughts!
Have a great Sunday and hope you are warm!
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Jane xx