Poor Betty Draper in Mad Men

I officially dis-own my daughter, sister and bestie for not letting me in this world of amazing fashion, sex and pure eye porn. MAD MEN!!
With just 6 days to go until my operation – but more importantly 7 sleeps until I can go back on my OESTROGEN PATCHES!! I am finding that unless I am at home or in my studio it is rather too “peopley” out there, so until next week I am on lock down. So
on this amazing series. Everything about it, I have a girl crush on Betty Draper, but of course a bigger one on Don. The clothes, the décor – everything. Showing my age here, it reminds me of my mummy and daddy! As I was born in 67 and this programme was my childhood.
My mum and dad had to have the “new” everything in our lovely home and watching the women, remind me of my mum. I can just smell my her, a mixture of hairspray, cigarettes, perfume and lipstick. My mum and dad were so dapper and stylist. But O how I now realise why my mum never talked of her menopause. How sad to live in that era, Betty and her friend “talk” but not really “talk” not like us. My poor mumma.
I remember once I asked my mum about menopause -she just said “O I just sailed through it darling”….. My mum was from the same era as Betty Draper. She didn’t have to work, she had a lovely house (of which I am forever thankful) not much money worries and bless her drank a few sherries every night and smoked about 50 a day!
What I do know is that for many years she wasn’t happy and that she wished she had been born in a later generation. I also now understand why her and Betty Draper drank every night and smoked so much…. boredom! She always wanted more for me out of life than herself and when I become pregnant at 24 I thought she would freak! But was over the moon!!
Being a mum now and living in the world we do, I am thankful of a lot of things, one of them is having support of other women and being able to talk about stuff such as sex and the menopause….
I now refer to the gorgeous gay Salvatore Romano: I get so cross that the menopause is such a taboo subject and not talked about…..but o my one day we will look back on this era and people will say “do you remember when in the late 2000’s was when menopause only started to be addressed” There are so many things today we should be thankful for I know many of my man friends would agree. #nomorebeards #breakthetaboo #gaypride #newera