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Why am I in so much pain during menopause?

This is a question I am asked a lot, I suffer with painful joints and muscles which can be so debilitating.
I have had 2 car accidents, 2 shoulder operations and multiply injuries which were work related; ex-gymnast and aerobics instructor!
However my pain became a lot worse around 4 years ago, it was so sever I was seriously considering giving up my studio of 12 years and the re-thinking what to do next, I have been in the industry that I love for 25 years, it was a really hard time.
My GP told me it was age and career related – but after doing a lot more research found out that it was due to menopause!
What happens?
We have oestrogen receptors all over our body – which is why we can have so many different symptoms from hot flushes, restless legs to itchy skin! Deep joy.
When we are menopausal we have a decrease in oestrogen which affects the levels of collagen all over our body including our joints. It is also age related; when we are younger we have fluid in our joints that is like runny honey but the older we become it is more like glue. However, the positive thing is the more we move the more this glue can become like that honey again! Motion is lotion Meno’s!
What can we do?
Replacing oestrogen via a natural alternative or HRT, even on HRT the joint pain can flare up if run down or stressed so taking some simple active steps will help.
Mobility: Gentle mobility exercises are great for our joints, moving your joints will lubricate them and help with stiffness. Shoulder rolls, feet circles, squats, side bend and head twists, simple but very effective as this will stimulate ease of movement.
Strengthening: If you strengthen your muscles it will help support the joint therefore helping with pain in both the joint and the muscle.
Stretching: Each muscle in the body crosses a joint, therefore if that muscles is not stretched then you will feel stiff in the joint and the muscle. Recently I have been posting easy to do stretches on my Instagram page – a lot of women have messaged me to say thank you as doing these daily have been helping.
Foods: I know myself If I have not been good with my food and drink then It really affects me. I am very honest on Instagram and recently I have had lots of 40th celebrations, yes, I have lots of younger friends! So, taken on more sugar via birthday cake and alcohol and wow am I feeling it!
My muscles and joints have really ceased up, so I am taking myself in hand and being uber good, as I hate being in pain, I stretch daily and move as much as I can but I know that because I have not been as “clean” as I should I am suffering, the last time I felt like this was last January – Post Christmas!
Vitamins and minerals; It is also worth looking at taking some supplements low magnesium and vit D could be contributing to how you are feeling. Taking magnesium baths are a great way of helping the muscles relax and help with mood. The flakes or salts are brilliant to dissolve in your bath and soaking for 20 minutes will help draw out toxins and relax the muscles. I also spray on magnesium that come in liquid form before going to bed to the problem areaa and both help when I am feeling very tight and in pain.
So Meno’s if you are suffering with joint pain remember motion is lotion, keep moving, take on lots of water and be as clean as you can with what you put in your body.
If you are not sure what to do, check out the site as I have some simple stretches on there, but I have heaps of stuff on my Instagram page.
Hang in there you are not alone.
Happy moving!!