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Competition to win a pelvic floor personal trainer!

Pelvic floor function is compromised during menopause because of the decrease in oestrogen, so we need to work these important muscles more than ever before.
When I teach pelvic floor exercises I always teach two types; quick and slow. These two types will help different types of incontinence.
The quick ones will help keep us from leaking if participating in any physical activity, especially impact work, and protect us when laughing, coughing or sneezing! The slower ones will keep our bladder full until we can reach a toilet without leakage and to help you have an undisturbed night’s sleep. The slower exercises will also help the type of incontinence that is not always talked about – if you think you have finished going to the loo, wiped and then stand up and have some leakage.
I have experienced all of the above! However, I know, as with any other muscle, if I do not work these then I will lose strength and suffer leakage!

You can imagine how happy I was when Elvie approached me to try out their product. “Your own personal trainer for Pelvic floors”. I am always training others so it would be great to have someone nag me for a change!
I love the design and the case. The device sits inside the case, which is also the charger. The device which fits inside you, is a calming green colour and looks like an oval pebble. The case and device are small and discreet so that when travelling if someone sees inside your toiletry bag they would never suspect that you are carrying a gadget that will help you exercise those very important muscles.
I read the leaflet and thought “this seems easy enough”, then came the instruction “download the app”. Slight panic – only because I suffer with techno phobia, as do a lot of my Meno friends and clients – but it was easy to do. Phew, relief!
After the initial charging I took out the very, non-scary looking device and inserted as instructed. After a few tries realised that I would need to put the outer case on. This device is marketed for women of all ages and stages of life and as everyone is built differently, I felt I needed the device to sit more snug.
The app also sends you little reminders to your phone (but not too many like my Duolingo Italian app that makes me feel guilty every time I see it pop up!).
The app again, like the device, is well designed and easy to follow. Being an ex-gymnast, I am a little bit competitive – even with myself so I look forward to doing the exercises because you can track your progress and it tells you how well you have done! Gold star for me and feeling of smugness when I have beaten my own score!
When I teach pelvic floor exercises I offer different options and this device does the same. You can see on the screen how high or how quick you are responding by either a line lifting above a marker, holding the marker above a line or the other one is where you try and hit little pink diamonds!
These remind me a little of the games in the old travelling fun fairs, hitting the marker is like shooting the targets to win a soft toy or the strong man contest – hitting the pad with a hammer to get the light as high as you can to ring the bell.
Would I recommend using this wonderful little device? Yes, as it has made me do my exercises regularly because of the ap and my progress is trackable. I am happy to say that after 6 weeks I can laugh, sneeze and cough without leakage and I only wake up once in the night to go to the toilet, so job done, well done to my new very own personal trainer!
Since being sent this great device I have found out that Elvie are now working closely with the NHS to help reduce incontinence. The device will be available for women nationwide for the first time from health care professionals at no cost to the patient. This will help reduce the £233million annual spend for incontinence.
However, if your health care professional is not yet aware of this and you would like to receive one then please enter our competition to win one of these amazing personal trainers!
Competition time!
The device costs £169, which is worth every penny, as Meno’s think how much you will save on Tenna ladies!
Competition time!
Enter our competition to win a device.
How to win?! Just 2 things: Subscribe to our site www.menoandme.com and quote Elvie trainer and also follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/menoandme/?hl=en tag a friend and quote “Elvie Trainer.”
The competition will run until the 17th of September and the winner will be announced on Instagram and via my blog on 21st September.
To find out more about The Elvie Trainer http://bit.ly/elviexmeno
Good luck!
Jane Dowling is a clinical exercise specialist with extensive experience dealing with a variety of populations including older adults suffering with heart disease and osteoporosis which fuels her passion to educate younger women on how to take preventative measures. She has over 20 years’ experience in personally tailored training and health solutions. Inspired by her own Meno experiences she founded MENO&ME, a source of advice and ideas on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes designed to help women be fabulous through the meno and beyond! www.menoandme.comher studio is based in London Bridge www.fitnessforeverybody.co.uk