Hello! Remember me?

Life, plus a new website/blog platform has hindered me for being in contact!

However, I am back and look forward to connecting with you all again on a regular basis!

I am sure you know, that sometimes our menopause journey can be a tough one and then throw some life stresses into the mix, some days can be harder than others. Even though I am menopause and health coach, I am not immune to feeling swamped, overwhelmed and craving that duvet day!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am as honest with my menopause journey both physically and mentally especially on my stories. Last week I posted something that seem to hit home with a lot of Meno’s; it was just a small section of my menopause tool kit!

Life has been very challenging for me over the last 17 years and I have gathered a lot of “tools” to deal with physical and emotionally stresses when they hit and always, try, and stay positive.  A powerful tool kit to pull on, can really help when body and mind are failing due to menopause and or life.

Here is my Instagram post from last week;

“As I lie here in my #menopause head in my bed for the last few hours awake I am trying to stay calm and think of everything I have to be thankful for ?

I now have my Meno tool kit firmly in place and wanted to share it with you as I realise I have been neglecting you all recently… ❤
In no particular order

1. Remember it’s not going to last forever.
2. Accept it and remind yourself of number 1!
3. It’s ok not to be ok.
4. List the positives in your life.
5. Breath
6. MOVE!! Gently at first then build up slowly (remember Meno’s) small steps make a huge difference over time.
7. Cut out stimulants (it’s not forever…even just for a few days while the darkness passes)
8. Surround yourself with positive energy.
9. Do the minimum and put that on your “done list” don’t focus on your “to do”. 10. Find your happy place…be it meditation, cooking, chatting with a friend or watching crap TV!
11. Simple things can make all the difference. A walk outside will life your mood. Exercise outside helps mental health 20% more than inside. (See my stories from yesterday)
12. Give or receive a hug”

I received some lovely comments on this post; I hope it helps you. xx

Are you 50 and fabulous!? Blog written by the YESYES Vaginal moisturiser company. 

Fifty and Fabulous;
84% of women over 50 would happily wear a miniskirt

2019 marks the fiftieth birthday of celebrity icons Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez and Cate Blanchette. It’s a milestone feared by many and yet, these women look fabulous. And they’re not the only ones, welcome to fifty, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwen Stefani and Molly Ringwald. It’s enough to make anyone feel old – or is it?

In the wake of ex-Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman’s caustic remarks about Helena Christensen (also fifty) donning a lace bustier to a party, new research amongst women aged 50+ has revealed that British women are as defiant when it comes to toeing any kind of line about what they “should” and “shouldn’t” be wearing post-fifty.

In fact, 84% said they would happily still wear a miniskirt. 73% didn’t feel any need to cut their hair short and 70% said they would even slip on a pair of leather trousers or skirt. 96% saying they would happily crack out the red lippy, 95% felt comfortable in skinny jeans and 94% would gladly strap on a pair of high heels.

And finally, when it comes to black lacy bustiers, we spoke to Katie Taylor (50), editor of the Latte Lounge (an online community for women over 40), who is the same age as Christensen and who said this:

“We don’t look at George Clooney and say he really shouldn’t be wearing that leather jacket at his age – I say go for it, Helena, wear whatever you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Life’s too short and if I had her body and looks, trust me I’d be strutting my stuff too!!!”

Helena’s bustier and denim jeans combo was described by Shulman as “tacky” and “brazen”, but new research amongst women over fifty shows that they disagree wholeheartedly when it comes to shaming the model.

And wait, there’s more good news! When asked whether or not they personally still felt sexy, an overwhelming majority (70%) responded saying yes, they did. Furthermore, three-quarters said that they thought sex appeal had nothing to do with looks and everything to do with having a positive attitude and a good sense of humour.

When it comes to what makes a person sexy, only 24% said that they thought physique was important and a miniscule 6% said it was lovely hair, compared to two-thirds who thought that it was actually a great smile and engaging eyes that gave someone sex appeal.

44% of women chose the gorgeous Michelle Obama as their first lady when it came to role models, with beautiful and outspoken Dame Helen Mirren coming in a close second. Ruth Langsford, Tina Turner and Davina McCall also featured. What do they have in common aside from a beautiful smile? According to Susi Lennox (74) co-founder of the YES YES Company it all comes down to attitude.

“Feeling sexy is an attitude of mind; it’s about being positive, energetic and knowing who you are. Most women know what suits them and what they’re confident wearing. It might be a bustier or jeans and a T shirt. Do what feels right and you’ll carry it off with style!”

Vaginal health during menopause

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