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How are you managing your menopause?

Hello all,
Ladies, as you know I am a menopause exercise specialist and I strive every day to highlight how important physical activity is.
It will not only help with your symptoms that you are feeling such as, sweats, sleeplessness, brain fog, fatigue, achy muscles, anxiety and self-doubt but will help with the silent diseases that you cannot feel such as heart disease and osteoporosis.
Being active will have such a positive affect on not only disease management but taking control of your menopause symptoms.
If you are not sure how to start, then help is here!
I have started to upload some simple, easy to follow, quick exercises on the site to get you started.
Every women’s menopause is different, and every woman is unique, from size, age, symptoms, health history and lifestyle. So, being an exercise professional I want to keep it as safe as possible.
I do offer individualised programmes.
Exercise is a proven method of managing your menopause; Please take a look at the Women In Sport Study that they shared with me before publication at Meg Mathews conference back in May.
Team Meno
Here are two women who have taken control of their menopause;
The first is from Debbie who decided to take control holistically and finds exercise helps:
I would of course recommend when ordering from the internet it is a trusted source.
Debbie’ story;
I’m a 48yr old woman, I have been suffering for the last 3 years with peri menopause. I have been up and down with my journey, however from a negative point of view HRT pills in the synthetic form never worked for me; my symptoms were, fearfulness, depression, hot sweats, heavy legs, anxiety, brain fog, forgetfulness, sore nipples, moodiness.

I searched various sites on the net and found a bio identical hormone cream that is natural hormones. On a positive note, to this day (6 months on new cream) I have never felt happier, no more moods no return of symptoms.
After applying the cream twice daily 1/8 tsp I am feeling grea,t more energy enjoying life to the fullest I am as confident now as when I was 35 as menopause knocked my confidence and self-esteem.
I just wanted to get my story out there to all the peri menopausal women to say there is a cure for it and every woman has someone or another woman to support them along the way no matter what. Exercise is the key as well it lifts your mood and endorphins so just put one foot in front of the other and keep on moving forward. Let’s talk about it no matter what.
Here is Lesley’s video; She is helping campaign to make menopause matter so it you have not already please sign her petition that can be found in our Closed Facebook group

Thank you both for sharing.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!
Hugs as always,
Jane xx