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World menopause day. How can you make a difference?

What a difference a year makes, or does it?
This is a video from last year; talking is key – this provoked a conversation we should have had a few years before;

Last year Greg and I appeared on Chanel 5 live news the night before world menopause day.
It was positive, but very long overdue, that a programme about menopause was being aired. But going to the studio was a real struggle; I was in so much pain, all I wanted to do was to curl up in a ball.
6 weeks previously I undergone a 2nd operation on my left shoulder, I came off HRT under instruction from my surgeon, so was feeling very low and anxious; I was back on HRT but it had not fully kicked in. Also because of my recovery I wasn’t exercising much; as you know, if I do not exercise then those demons of self doubt seem to take hold!
However, the reason I was feeling extra tired this time last year on world menopause day was because I was up until around 3am answering emails from women who had seen me on the show.
I am saddened to say that it was not a shock because when I was told I was menopausal I started hunting around Google and I found lots of depressing websites. The reasons I started MENO&ME was to show some positivity, for women to feel supported and that they are not on their own. So many women said they felt isolated and alone. This is just not acceptable.
What has MENO&ME achieved and learnt from this last year?
Our members have grown; I receive messages daily from women thanking me for my advice and help I have given; So, compared to last year the positivity MENO&ME has shared has progressed and more women helped, so job done.
In the 13 year’s I have had my studio in London Bridge I have meet some amazing people. Now through MENO&ME taking on clients via Skype, speaking at conferences and helping women in the workplace I have meet some amazing people.
As when I hit menopause I thought my career in the industry that I love of nearly 25 years was over as my GP told me that the reason I was feeling so bad was the natural ageing process and what I have put my body through! (see my previous blog post “PS – I cried a lot
However, having a constant presence on social media does take lots of my time and some days I do think is it work it, especially if I am having a down day and then I receive a message from one of you lovely ladies and it lifts me up and I carry on posting and nagging you about how to look after yourself during this rather challenging time.
What have I learnt this past year? Nobody is going to look after me better than me. I have learnt there will always be people in life ready to make one feel bad, I try not to lose sleep over those people. Sometimes telling little white lies to separate oneself from that negative energy is only going to be better for one’s mental health and of course to surround oneself with positivity!
I felt as if my life was over. However today I am glad I fought against menopause and to find the right treatment and answers and on reflection thankful to my amazing clients, colleagues and friends that persuaded me to start MENO&ME.
Yes, we have a long way to go, but I think this year we have achieved a lot.
I say “we” as you and I are in this together, we are #teammeno and I thank you for giving me a lift on those days when I feel like menopause and life is dragging me down like a lead weight and thank you for reading and following, as I do feel as if we are building a strong community of women who are looking out for each other.
Today is world menopause day; What can you do to make a difference?
Talk to someone about menopause – if you are feeling bad, talk to someone – to a manager at work, your partner, a family member or a friend. Or make that appointment with your GP and be firm in what you want, make a list of your symptoms and if they are more than depression – don’t accept your GP’s lack of knowledge and accept the anti-depressant which will treat that one symptom not the cause; lack of hormones.
If you are feeling good then give someone a physical or virtual hug, pass on your positivity and reassure that person that there is a light at the end of a tunnel.
For those who are feeling down; you WILL feel better and if you do have a down day then that’s OK.
Today I am off to a conference run by the charity Women In Sport – So I won’t be very active on my Insta stories!
Have a great day!
Big hugs as ever.
Jane x
There is a PS – The reason I posted this video is I really did not know how bad I was and how it affected Greg. Everything was affected – from emotional to our physical relationship.
So please have a look at this website Regelle – vaginal moisturiser – I wish I knew about these a few years ago! Enough said!https://www.regelle.co.uk/

Another one I posted on Insta last year!