What exercise should you be doing during menopause?

    Menopause Event Find out about menopasue, symptoms, and solutions in more depth from a menopause GP specialist, I will be hosting an event in London on the 21st Sept. We will be joined by Dr Renée Hoenderkamp, BBC Radio London’s resident GP.   Thank you to our sponsors for the event and the … Continue reading “What exercise should you be doing during menopause?”

Beating the Belly Fat During Menopause

Ok, let’s talk straight here: yes, it’s harder keep the belly fat at bay during menopause and accelerating through the years—however, Meno’s, it CAN be done. Those of you who follow me on social media, especially on Insta stories, know that I am no saint in the food department! I do not exercise as much, … Continue reading “Beating the Belly Fat During Menopause”

Sleep during menopause

  Hi All, Menopause event Before I talk to you about sleep I would like to let you know how excited I am about an a menopause wellness event I am hosting in London on the 21st Sept with some fantastic guest speakers. I will be sharing my menopause journey and will be delivering a … Continue reading “Sleep during menopause”


Hello! Remember me? Life, plus a new website/blog platform has hindered me for being in contact! However, I am back and look forward to connecting with you all again on a regular basis! I am sure you know, that sometimes our menopause journey can be a tough one and then throw some life stresses into … Continue reading “Hello!”

Pressing reset during menopause

Pressing the reset button during menopause. How often do we actually do this? As I am wafting between kaftan and yoga pants – (tongue in cheek) feeling extremely blessed on my holiday this week, I have been pondering my life and my menopause journey. I am having the most amazing week away at Kaliyoga menopause … Continue reading “Pressing reset during menopause”

Menopause solutions & ideas

Sorry its been a while since my last blog, life and work have got in the way! But I have been thinking of you and I hope you are all OK? This is a long blog, but thought you could pick it up when you can over the next four days! Happy Easter! Mobility video … Continue reading “Menopause solutions & ideas”

Menopause workshop

A Stiff Body Doesn’t Have to Be Your Future. Happy Monday all, I hope the start of the week is going to be a smooth one! Menopause workshop On Saturday I will be teaching an education and exercise workshop. I have teamed up with ReCentre health in Balham where I will be delivering a 2-hour … Continue reading “Menopause workshop”

Menopause Webinar Monday

Hi all, I am just on the train back from talking at a menopause event in Cirecencester and I wanted to post this photo as I never wear a frock! (See my Insta stories). Anyway how are you? Hasn’t this week been a crazy one? I thought it was just me, as am doing a … Continue reading “Menopause Webinar Monday”

Menopause news

Hello All! I Hope you have had a good couple of weeks?! Sorry I didn’t connect last Sunday. The last two weeks seemed to just run away with me! Welcome Welcome to our new Meno’s, it is great the we are building our family, I am here to support you via this blog, social media … Continue reading “Menopause news”

Menopause anxiety and driving

What a yucky Sunday! Where has the sunshine gone?! I have not left the house today because of this weather! The last few days have been busy and just wanted to be still; my daughter has been ill so Friday I drove 3 hours to see her and then back again yesterday for a friend’s … Continue reading “Menopause anxiety and driving”

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