Train with Jane

Menopause solutions I love helping women to find a way to best manage their menopause.  Either 1-2-1, in a group or in the workplace.  Action Plan Some women can achieve lots with a one off “Action Plan” session or others check in with me weekly or monthly and we have “real time sessions”. I will … Continue reading “Train with Jane”

How are you managing your menopause?

Hello all, Ladies, as you know I am a menopause exercise specialist and I strive every day to highlight how important physical activity is. It will not only help with your symptoms that you are feeling such as, sweats, sleeplessness, brain fog, fatigue, achy muscles, anxiety and self-doubt but will help with the silent diseases … Continue reading “How are you managing your menopause?”

Menopause freebies and offers!

World Menopause day 18th October so lets celebrate together. Happy October all! I hope you have embraced autumn and if you are suffering with hot flushes then remember to layer up with cotton or some sweat proof technology, there are lots of sweat proof clothing on the market now. I usually live in sports wear, … Continue reading “Menopause freebies and offers!”

Competition to win a pelvic floor personal trainer!

Pelvic floor function is compromised during menopause because of the decrease in oestrogen, so we need to work these important muscles more than ever before. When I teach pelvic floor exercises I always teach two types; quick and slow. These two types will help different types of incontinence. The quick ones will help keep us … Continue reading “Competition to win a pelvic floor personal trainer!”